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We conduct estate sales and estate liquidations in Houston and the surrounding areas

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An Elegant Estate Sale offers the following services in Houston and the surrounding areas:

Estate Itemization for probate, senior move-outs, downsizing assistance, Estate Liquidations & Estate Sale services, Estate Appraisal, and Hoarder Clean-outs.   Houston Estate Sales are becoming more popular as the public realizes there is a stress-free method of dealing with a loved ones belongings or if a family is moving out of state and the cost of moving is prohibitive.  With our years of experience,we realize that any transition can be stressful and we aim to assist in your family’s needs.  

Our goal is to educate our clients on the process of Estate Sales in Houston and how  we can apply our experience to making your transition as seamless as possible.  Most of our clients have never been to a Houston Estate Sale nor have they conducted one, having either heard about them through a friend, family member or through research on the Internet.  If you fall into this category, the following steps are what you need to do to begin the process:

1.  Call Rena at 281-486-1998 to schedule a consultation

2. If you are also wanting to list your house for sale, tell Rena this during the initial phone conversation because we often work with real estate agents through the estate sale to get your house sold as soon as possible.

3. You and your family need to have a good idea what you will be selling and what you will be keeping so that during the consultation these items are discussed and noted.

4. During the consultation, you will be provided with information that clearly explains the Estate Sale process.  As most of our clients have not conducted an Estate Sale before, you will be provided with the necessary information.